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      公司的宗旨是 不斷進取,用戶的滿意是我們的標準!業主的要求是我們的追求!

      Company Profile
      Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Electric Co., Ltd, established on September 30th in 2007, is a Hi-Tech enterprise registered by Tianjin Computer and Instruments System Engineering Co., Ltd and Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co.,Ltd at the centre industrial district of Development Area in Dalian, which is beautiful, pleasant weather and transport convenient. As the superior investment condition and the favorable investment policy, adopting advanced technology and production equipment as well as scientific management, the company mainly engages in design, exploitation, construction, distribution, integration, installation, commissioning and maintenance for industrial automation system, electrical, instrumentation, mechanical equipment and pipe in the fields of marine project and civilian vessels.
      Now the company has developed the industrial automation system that is in possession of intellectual property rights, and a set of productions such as electric switch board that is adopted in many drilling platform widely. We will try our best to perfect the electric productions in the fields of marine project and civilian vessels.
      Based on powerful technical team, the company has some engineers received special technical training on computer, DCS, PLC system in U.S, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Spain and other countries. They participated many national key projects in system design, construction and commissioning with technicians from many worldwide companies, and they have abundant theoretic and practical work experience.
      The company is preponderate in industrial automation system design, construction and commissioning in electric and instrumentation. With rapid development and large quantities of projects, we would like to offer you the most professional skills and the sincerest service to create the resplendence of our career. .
      The company holds it to the tenet that seeking improvement continuously and the satisfaction of clients is our standard, the request of owners is our pursuit.

      職位名稱 工作地點 工作經驗 招聘人數
      船舶管系現場工程師 大連市 1年以上 1-2人
      船舶管系生產設計師 大連市 不限 9-10人
      船舶輪機生產設計師 大連市 不限 1-2人
      船舶結構生產設計師 大連市 不限 1-2人
      船舶鐵舾生產設計師 大連市 不限 9-10人
      結構工藝設計 大連市 2年以上 1-2人
      文控 大連市 1年以上 1-2人
      龍de船人旗下網站 《龍船招聘網》 版權所有(http://www.gms96.com)